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Welcome to the CloudSat Global Calibrator Plot Browser!

In this site you will find several figures showing statistical comparisons between the CloudSat Cloud Profiling Radar (CPR) and 3 generations of ARM profiling ground-based Cloud radars:

ARM field campaigns around the world:

The statistical approach presented here consists of comparing mean vertical profiles of non-precipitating ice cloud radar reflectivities. The data to create these averaged profiles is extracted from CloudSat overpasses in a radius of 200 km around the ARM site and ±1h time lag around the overpass time for the ARM radars. The difference between both profiles at heights with enough data points, corresponds to the calibration error.

The PDF of cloud top height is also used for verification purposes, assuming that the similar occurrences of the highest clouds should be similar when the ground and spaceborne radars have similar sensitivity, Protat et al. (2010).

All necessary steps required to find the calibration offset for each radar are oultined in the following algorithm flowchart:

Summary of results

The following table summarizes the calibration offset to be applied to all site/radar/mode combinations:

ARM to CloudSat

ARM to CloudSat in time

ARM to ARM inter-comparison

ARM radar sensitivity

Melting layer height